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adjective, cut·er, cut·est.
1. attractive, especially in a dainty way; pleasingly pretty: a cute child; a cute little apartment.
2. appealing and delightful; charming: What a cute toy!
3. affectedly or mincingly pretty or clever; precious: The child has acquired some intolerably cute mannerisms.

This is not the place for "sexy" girls, torture and death of animals or whatever weird things you kids are into these days.

New *Cute and *Audio Channel Owners

Just wanted to announce that the *cute and *audio channels have just been adopted by two loving foster parents.

@Lann has taken over *Cute from UsesProzac and @UsesProzac has stolen taken over *Audio from the (banned) @BoneRemake.

Let's all keep a trained eye on these channels to see what awesomeness they bring. Just keep staring until they start to feel uncomfortable. Then stare some more.

Enjoying Life One Day at a Time: A Grandma and Her Cat

Misao to Fukumaru (Misao the Big Mama and Fukumaru the Cat), a collection of photographs chronicling the ordinary daily life of an elderly woman and her beloved cat Fukumaru, might seem an unlikely bestseller. But perhaps it is precisely the tranquility of Misao’s peaceful rural life that has appealed to so many busy residents of Japan’s crowded and ultramodern cities...

UsesProzac Gets RUBY!

Attention Siftlandia!

Rubydom has been achieved by none other than our dear @UsesProzac. Yeaaaah... that's right peeps. She is also now the official *Cute Channel moderator. We're like, Channel sisters now!

She is a sophisticated music conoisseur, and enjoys discovering and submitting a lot of quality music herself. I have had the personal pleasure of talking to her and getting to know her on the Sift over the years, as others have, and have a lot of respect and admiration for her and her wicked sense of humor and raw honesty, but with a lot of heart beneath it all.

Let us all congratulate her for this milestone. Enjoy! It IS the prettiest gem!

UP's name is Laura, so here's some pretty music to serenade your milestone. <3 <3 <3 You are a gem! (Also mainly because the songs I found titled "Ruby" were downright crappy!)


For all you exhausted people out there, here's cuteness!

I have the flu during Thanksgiving/Black Friday weekend for the second year in a row. I am exhausted after cooking, and I am not even working at the moment. I salute all you people who had to work during Thanksgiving/right after Thanksgiving/on Black Friday! I hope you all got to spend at least some quality time with your loved ones, and had a great meal!

My turkey turned out pretty good this year, despite the flu. But it started a week ago, so the worst is over. I am still coughing like a horse(!?), and so is NetRunner. We don't usually get sick at the same time, but this time we did. He got sick about 2 days after me. Our home is filled with joyous noises of coughing and constant nose blowing! Lovely!

I feel for this grasshopper. He either is confused, or has a headache (like me! Coughing all the time sucks!)

Anyway! I promised some cute photos, so if you can take all this syrupy goodness, here are some links!

Warning: Arctic Fox Pups Are Obscenely Cute

World's Cutest Sleeping Animals

Cats Planking! Need We Say More?

Baby turtles vs. strawberry

Artist discovers the 'REAL' Angry Birds - computer whizz brings app birds to life

And the funniest dog story ever!:

Dogs Don't Understand Basic Concepts Like Moving

Awesome Cat-Lover Post

Okay, so I went online and found this *quality Craigslist post. I rolf-ed twice, and you should too. The picture of the cat was of it flicking off the camera. Just picture the writer writting an ad on Craigslist. Don't come between man and pet, ever.

"My girlfriend said the cat has to be gone by 12:00 tomarrow. She left a little while ago to hang with her friends. I put all her crap on the lawn and will try my best to find her a new home but if not there is always the shelter.

So what we have here is one mildly attractive yet bitchy soon to find out she is a homeless exgirlfriend. She is somewhat house broken (but i think she is still connected to her mom by the umbilical cord). She is in her midtwenties and is NOT SPAYED (though she usually takes the pill) Lot of life left in this one. She is up to date on her shots and is great with dogs and small children, but does not seem to get along well with cats. She is playfull and bathroom trained (If takeing over every inch of horizontal surface with her stuff in the place is house broken. Then she is the Queen of house brokeness!!!) She has somewhat of a special diet though i never figured it out fully, but pretty much it is dictated by what ever her closes friend of that week is into (Raw, vegan, atkins, hostes) You get the picture. She will be comeing with a whole lot of stuff!! (If it is still there when she comes home, but when iam done here Iam heading right over to the free section so maybe not) There will not be a rehoming fee (As a matter of fact i got $34 cash if you can get her tonight, If you need more we can hit the atm unless you have paypal then we have lots of options)

The main reason Iam rehoming her is becuase she moved in about 9 months ago, and for three months everything was great, but then she started bitching about my cat. My cat has lived with me for 11 years since he was abandoned in my yard at about 3 weeks old, and i had too bottle feed him and teach him how to do everything a cool male should know (hunt, nap, play, hide, chirp like a bird. how to use a litter box!! This was the most challenging as i did not know how to use one myself. That made for some awkward moments) In other words Misdemeanor and I have been kicking it for a long time, and if she thinks I would even consider kicking him to the curb. Well need i say more?

I may put her up for auction on ebay tonight if my lawyer gives me the okay."

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